‘Shooter’ TV show. 2016

Pilot episode staring Ryan Philippe, directed by Simon Cellan with Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson as Executive Producers.  The pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver, BC and the painting: Spring Rains Point Grey. 30″x 30″ made her appearance at the 1.01 – 1.05 minute mark of the trailer below.  The art rental for this piece was organized through Maryann Pousette at the Pousette Gallery.

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The painting “Spring Rains Point Grey” is visible on the wall behind Ryan Phillippe.  Makes me wonder what else my paintings get to see when they are out in the world?

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Microsoft Vancouver feature ‘The Overpass’ 60″ x 72″. 2016

Microsoft Vancouver are supporting art and artists by installing their work in their Vancouver offices and then sharing and promoting the work through their public media.   A short blog posting is over here and thank you Microsoft Vancouver and the dynamic team at the Art Rental and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art gallery who arranged the installation!


Cover of the Georgia Straight. November 2015

A serendipitous moment.  Janet Smith from the Straight interviewed a couple of artist’s for the Eastside Culture Crawl and a little while later I was contacted to see if I was in my studio and ready for quick pop in by a photographer.  An hour later the phone buzzed and Amanda Siebert was at the door, camera in hand. It was only later in the week when my phone started having it’s own conversation that I realized that Amanda’s photo had made the cover of the Georgia Straight and that for a week, I would be part of the landscape I paint.  My uncle found the announcement of my straightness amusing.

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The Georgia Straight out in the wild on the streets of Vancouver and Burnaby.

Many people contributed to the gathering of the images of the Straight on location during the week that it was available.  I have yet to think of a better way to use them but for now, you may get a kick out of seeing the paper out and about.

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Dekora Staging via the Art Rental and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery. 2017

Leanne Christie painting in home staging by Dekora staging through the Art rental and sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery

I love coming across images of my paintings out in the world being completed. This image was taken from the Dekora Staging website who placed ‘Freeflow’ in a home. I love the idea that my paintings are thought of to make an already beautiful space more beautiful. The placing of this work was organized by the Art Rental and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery. A team who never seem to rest.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Motive. TV Series 2013-2016

One of the few stories that you see on TV or in the movies where Vancouver is actually Vancouver.  Google Vancouver+location+film and you will get a 19 million results in .70 seconds and Motive is the only one that I can think of where Vancouver plays herself.  The series stars Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira and Brendan Penny and thanks to the Art Rentals and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery, my paintings popped in and out of scenes throughout the shows 4 season run.  I wasn’t very on the ball when it came to thinking about grabbing screenshots but here are a couple, not great resolution images, that I found.

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Milano Coffee “Coffee Life” 2016 by Filmmaker Adam Reid of Bullrush Pictures

My paintings may have been out on adventures and are old pros at this movie making thing but what fun to be a part of Adam Reid’s film and how incredible to see what a talented filmmaker can do with the time he shares with you.  It is unbelievable to understand how Adam’s actions in the studio were all part of a rich story which he was weaving together in his mind.

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