artist’s reserve

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]ArtistsreserveBannerThe artist’s reserve are perfectly balanced paintings of which there are usually only 1 – 3 a year (at this writing, the current average is 0.8 paintings a year). They stand apart in their perfect intersection of brushwork, color and the pure honesty of the artist. These paintings are valued independently of the greater body of works and only the paintings listed on this page fall within this collection. ┬áThese works are uniquely Christie.

A reserve painting is the result of months of mental painting, repainting and more mental painting. Weeks of restlessness where the feeling of the image uncomfortably intrudes upon sleep, stirring me in the dark hours and forming my first thoughts in the morning. These paintings possess their own life and tend to take hold of me and simmer and brew until they become as heavy as fully laden bags.

The success of the painting is not guaranteed but I have come to learn that with these specific pieces, if they are not explored, all progress will halt and general mediocrity will set in. These paintings ask me to not only remain focused, alert and energetic but to also be brave in my execution. They progress like crashing waves, moving through the cycles of perfection (when everything in you shouts to stop) and destruction until the final moment of balance is achieved.

Paintings often start in this place but at the end, find themselves on the outskirts of the reserve, having only achieved balance and thus not worthy of being added. Paintings in the reserve are perfectly balanced but also vibrate with a rhythmn which unsettles the very air in which they reside.

painting of construction by Leanne Christie

Fluid 30″ x 48″ (Artist’s Reserve: valued independently of greater body of works)