Art rental and sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery

Leanne Christie at the Art Rental and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery

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You do not need to be a member of the Vancouver Art Gallery to rent the paintings.  Renting and purchasing is available to everyone.

Leanne Christie hi res press image of Port moody painting
Across Port Moody. 72" x 60"

The background video for the painting "Across Port Moody"

Art Rental & Sales is a not-for-profit business operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Since 1952, the program has promoted emerging and mid-career Canadian artists through the rental and sale of their artwork. All the artwork in the rental program is consigned by the artists who receive the majority of the fees collected. Remaining proceeds help fund programming at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Visit the Art Rental & Sales Showroom on the main floor annex of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Entry is free to the general public. See Reception for access.

Please contact Isabella or Asia for more information on the above works:
Showroom: 604 662 4746
Manager: 604 662 4716

The showroom is open Monday – Friday, 10 – 5 or by appointment.  The average rental is $80/month and this is calculation is based on the value of the work.  There is no maximum period but the minimum rental for an individual is 1 month, for a business it is 3 months and for film and TV it is 1 week. If you choose to add an artwork to your collection, three months of the rental value will be attributed to the purchase value.