Big boys room – Sam’s Collection

Leanne Christie painting of road works and caterpillar diggers

Choices. Oil on canvas. 10″x10″ Sam’s Collection

Sam’s collection and a big boy’s room painting.  Sam and his mother were in the process of metamorphosing his bedroom into that of a big boy’s room and with this came the consideration of what would adorn his walls.  They had hoped to find me during their visit to the Granville Island Public Market,  and the timing could not have been better.  The collection was even more playful than usual with one very special piece which I was struggling to refrain from declaring as my favourite.  “Choice” a 10″x 10″ painting snaps a moment on a side road in Kitsilano.  The delicious reflective reds, oranges and yellows of what should essentially be ugly objects was transformed by the morning sun into glistening jewels.

Sam’s eye darted across the paintings on display and his fingers moved with the ease of an expert over each piece.  The early stirrings of a young collector nurtured under his mother’s watchful eye.  My heart did a jig when finally he rested on the one with the Caterpillar digger and the road closed signage.  My favourite painting had found her home.

In my thank you note to Sam, I thought of mentioning the significance of his decision to adopt a painting titled “Choice” for his big boys room.  Knowing that this painting would accompany him through his many chapters which would be defined by his choices.  But suddenly I felt like an old lady and in defiance, I thought it better to let him simply enjoy his painting in the knowledge that inevitably he will add the layers of his own story to it.

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