Preparing to dock with Seaspan. Oil on canvas. 30″ x 30″

Vancouver artist Leanne Christie original oil painting of ship passing under the second narrows bridge on approach to seaspan shipyards

What: A Cargo ship passing beneath the Iron Worker’s memorial bridge.

The Bridge was opened in August 1960 after taking almost 3 years to build.  It was renamed as the Iron Worker’s Memorial Bridge after 19 worker’s died when the bridge collapsed in 1958. It was renamed in 1994 and also remembers the 4 other lives the bridge claimed during her construction.

Current Use: Part of Highway 1 and a busy connector between East Vancouver and the North Shore

Court Case Heard: Debra Lucile Mclean v Canadian Premier Life insurance company.  31 January 2012

Mclean’s husband, who was covered by an insurance policy against accidental death, had died in a plane crash while flying with Pacific Coastal Airlines.  Canadian Premier Life refused to pay out the $1000000 accidental death coverage as they argued that the flight was not a common carrier as it had been chartered by Seaspan to transport its employees to a remote location, no other non-employees were on board and the destination was not part of the scheduled route of the airline.  The Court found in favor of Canadian Premier Life

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