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A Vancouver rush hour. Oil on canvas. 30″ x 30″

Original oil painting by local Vancouver artist Leanne Christie of ships moored in the Burrard Inlet with the Lion's Gate Bridge in the distance

What: The Ports of Vancouver on a business as usual day with ships waiting to load/unload.

The Vancouver ports handle $75 billion worth of imports and exports per annum or $2378/sec.

Current Use: The Vancouver Port is the 50th busiest port in the world, 4th in North America and the busiest in Canada.

Court Case Heard: Rex v Jarrod Bacon and Wayne Scott. 3 February 2012

Bacon and Scott were charged with conspiring with each other and with others to traffic cocaine.  They were found guilty and Bacon was later sentenced to 12 years which, at the time of writing, the crown was appealing as they feel that the sentence is too light.

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