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Monochrome painting at the Annual International Representational Show

Monochrome painting will again be a part of the Annual International Representational Show this fall at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Granville Island.  “Hidden Jewels”  was first exhibited as part of the summer collection at the Harmony Arts Festival and at the Circle Craft Summer Show and will proudly take her place on the Federation walls.

The AIRS exhibition will run from the 8 – 27 October with the opening reception on 10 October from 6 – 8pm.

leanne christie painting of Vancouver Ports from the Main street overpass

Hidden Jewels. Oil on canvas. 30″ x 40″ $2500

“Hidden Jewels” was first conceived of as a small painting and found life in the 10″ x 10″, almost monochrome painting: “The Three sisters”.

Vancouver artist Leanne Christie painting of 4 trucks at Vancouver ports

The 3 Sisters. Oil on canvas. 10″ x 10″

My intentions were not to do study followed by a larger piece.  I only intended to capture a snap shot of the hour that I had just spent on the Main Street overpass, indulging in one of my favourite activities: watching the comings and the goings of the Centern Terminal.   It was when my tight fingers finally released the paintbrush and my hand trembled, that I knew that the conversation was not over.  My eye was still moving along the fresh, powerful strokes that formed the strong sides of the trucks and my imagination vibrated as it replayed the stokes but, this time …  on a larger scale.  I cleared the painting schedule for the next day.

The following morning was more of the first morning.  Another warm hour on the Main street overpass watching the daily ballet of the loading and unloading trucks as they tended to the moored vessel.  An lazy hour watching the sleeping truck in the yard and imagining their day and then off to the studio, a quick cycle down the pass.

The monochrome painting always starts with my little puddle of complementary colors, balanced against each other to form a cool, tinted black.  Normally this step is akin to tapping the ball before a game and a process which I would not forsake.  I was rearing to go though and thus this monochrome painting had her start from the pool of color which had formed the bones of “The three sisters” the day before.  They really are related pieces.  The painting came easily as I knew she would.  Each stroke jumped onto the one before, weaving and knitting their way into the character of the painting.  It was just as my imagination had foretold and with this came the rush of energy that is so essential to pushing a monochrome painting which relies on the vitality of her strokes to come alive.


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