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Oil painting East Hastings street, East Vancouver

Leanne Christie painting East Hastings street Vancouver

Tackling Tomorrow. 30″ x 48″

“Tackling tomorrow” Oil on canvas. 30″ x 48″ has entered into the 4th stage of her life cycle with her introduction to the world via Granville Island Public Market.   I love working away and looking up only to see her.  The movement in the brushstrokes, the resonating contrasts and those very sexy areas of detail.

“Tackling Tomorrow” a painting of East Hastings, entered phase 1 of her life cycle last year when the warm summer air became tinted with prickles of the coming cold. It is at this time of the year that it seems as though the atmosphere is anticipating the smallest spark of sunlight so that it can burn with yellows, pinks and oranges.  The rapid changes in the daylight hours refresh the eye as the new mornings include you in effects that you often miss during the summer.  It was on one of these mornings, on my way to the studio, that this painting crept into my consciousness.

I had been contemplating the dilemma of how to successfully increase the dramatic contrasts in my paintings, how to tie the darks and lights together in such a way that the eye accepted them with some sense of lyricism.  “Tackling Tomorrow” presented herself as a perfect opportunity to explore.

So where was I? on East Hastings street, East Vancouver just before Gore Ave travelling west towards Downtown Vancouver.  On the left of the painting you can make out the Sun Building and in front of her is the Carnegie Community Center and of course the distinctive 30km/hour zone which was instated to protect the locals from the commuting traffic.

Do I feel as though the painting achieved the contrast I was seeking?  Yes.  This is the first time that I have successfully been able to include a solid large area of mysterious dark which sits directly against a strong light.  Another step in the journey.  I was thrilled too that another element of painting returned to the piece.  I have been seeking that moment when you can leave an area of canvas exposed under the paint, it was found in this painting in the upper right of the buildings to the right of the paintings.   “Autumn Vancouver Commute” was the only other time that this lovely area has been allowed to exist (look at the sky)

Leanne Christie Vancouver Eastside Culture crawl painting of Winston avenue in the Fall

Autumn Vancouver Commute – SOLD


The challenge to preserve these areas often proves too much, especially when crucial adjustments to the painting need to be made in this area.  One of my favourite painters, David A Leffel, is a master at preserving these areas.

And so “Tackling Tomorrow” enters a new phase of her life.  A phase beyond the control and the confines of the studio.  Subject now to completion by the viewer.

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