Burnaby Heights painting 5’x5′

Leanne Christie Burnaby Heights painting, a large painting of Vancouver

Late Morning Burnaby Heights. 5′ x 5′

Boundry road is the fence line between Vancouver and Burnaby. It is also the personal marker which, if I am heading west to the studio, says that I can sit back and relax as most of the daily cycle commute is over. It is also a notoriously busy road with many rises and dips, thus transforming her into a road that challenges you to divert your path and explore.

North Boundry road climbs up Burnaby heights just after East Hastings street. It is here that she calms down into a civilized 2 way street with very few markings and a centre island planted with broad trees. The neighbourhood changes from one where uncontrolled crossing of the street is akin to skirting along the coat tails of death into one where the same crossing can be paused mid way for the concluding conversational sentences to take place unhindered.

It is startling to realise that Highway 1 and the Freight train lines skirt the bottom of the rise. It was actually highway 1 which beckoned my explorations as it is she who becomes the second narrows or the Iron Workers Memorial bridge. It is her girders and strength that I had wanted to explore. Instead of finding ideas amongst the riveted metal columns, it was the view west which captured my imagination and which evolved into a Burnaby Heights painting looking west.

The roads, especially East Hastings Street, are carved into the Vancouver landscape like arteries. Solid structures in and of themselves. Thoroughfares and destinations which feed and bleed the city. Dangerous spaces where by social contract we all agree to communicate and head the visual signs which control the ever changing spaces.

The Burnaby Heights painting which I introduced you to with the candid, unposed photos of it in progress in the studio (click here to see that original note), evolved into a strong 5′ x 5′ painting with and accompanying studio video.

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