On the easel today

The painting currently on the easel. A beautiful 5′ x 5′ painting of which I have been dreaming for weeks.  Lately it is the arial views of Vancouver which have been seducing and whispering to me the possibilities that we could achieve in paint.  The painting is moving at a very energetic pace and is now at that awkward place, the teenage years, when she requests to grow into something more than she is but without knowing what that is.  Areas need to be developed and built.  This is always the hardest place to be in a painting as the work sits on the cusp of perfection and only needs strategic areas to be developed but in searching for these places, often one gets lost and develops more than is needed and the painting dies in the process. It appears that it is the area around Hastings street (the strong vertical just right of center) which needs to be developed but the city is also magnetising the brush towards her.  At worst, if I go too far, the palette knife will come to the rescue to break down stagnant dull areas.

General location of painting

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