full time oil painter

full time oil painter

A full time oil painter since 2008, my waking hours are dedicated to understanding oil painting; an all consuming medium which demands risk taking and constant decision making. Painting is not the quiet act of peaceful meditation but one of war, exertion and energy and I am committed to building my stamina so that I may successfully navigate the field.  Part time forays have proven to be folly as oil painting demands the use of every area to manifest a storm, into which you must (if you wish to be successful) hurl yourself.  Being a full time oil painter is the search to find a way to cut the tethers of the visual anchors one has accepted and to allow the ride.  The strokes which are omitted or removed are often more important than those included.

developing maturity

My work demonstrates my restless explorations and increasing maturity with my medium.  I am committed to this development and as a result, I experience a growing awareness of the irrelevance between the laws which govern nature and the reality of those of the painting. This awareness has lead to my experimentation with a new hierarchy: brushstroke, composition and color without the retreat into abstraction. A dynamic hierarchy which leads to energized paintings with more freedom allowed to the composition.


Future works will continue to reveal my intrigue with this structure which places brushstroke supreme. I intend to train and strengthen my stamina and courage in order to ensure that I am able to continue to indulge in the pure adventure of painting. I am also focused on maturing my sensibilities as a full time oil painter so that I may be perfectly equipped to continually question the validity of my work and to recognize balance when it finds me.