The January Painting 2014

The January Painting 2014

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Leanne Christie Vancouver painting of Centerm Terminal operated by DP World “Life at the bottom of Main Street”. Oil on canvas. 7′ x 5.5′

Studio Videos

The first 20 minutes in 2

Building on Day one


The January painting and her subject – DPWorld, from start to finish

The Painting   –   The Videos   –   The Blogroll   –   The Studio Album

Notes from January

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The Painting   –   The Videos   –   The Blogroll   –   The Studio Album

The January studio album

Leanne Christie in the studio legs cropped

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January Painting 2014

Leanne Christie in preparation of the experimental January paintingThe year is off to a good start and the January painting is underway.  Yesterday was the first day of actually putting pigment onto canvas after 2 weeks of planning the format, sourcing the stretcher bars, stretching and re-stretching the canvas (the first canvas tore) and a couple of days of priming.

The January painting is meant to be an exploratory piece which keeps me honest and growing as an artist and as such, I thought to myself what better way to push me further than to take on a large format canvas?  A size that I have not tried and one which would challenge my ability to place juicy, emotive brushwork on the canvas.  The chosen format is a respectable 7′ x 5′ piece.

In addition to experimenting with pushing my boundries on the large canvas, I have also added another element to my January painting play time.  The idea that has been brewing for sometime.  Painting not as the production of an object but as a major player within ideas and storytelling.  I cannot explain more than this as I do not know what I mean but this idea has been tapping away for sometime and this is the perfect month to explore.  Remembering of course that this is the month where I expect no results from my studio time other than those of the lessons learnt from play.  The root of this idea that I am playing with is founded within thinking about the painter as story teller and my questioning of the validity of bringing another object into existence.  Is this what I should be doing, should be focused on doing? and if it is, am I bringing another object into existence which is worth its place? It is thinking about the responsibility I have as an object creator in a world overpopulated by objects.  This is assuming that I am an abject creator.  Perhaps I am not.  Perhaps I am asking the wrong questions.

I will continue to update you and hopefully by the end of the month I will be able to explain the idea further and maybe even have something to show you. But I am not counting on it.

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