Microsoft Vancouver masters the art of seducing a painter

Microsoft Vancouver masters the art of seducing a painter

The painter’s Friday afternoon bears many similarities with those of every other urban citizen.  There’s that little bit of restlessness, a touch of clock watching and a contemplation on Saturday.

The only distinction is that the painter’s restlessness is egged on by that constant gnaw that no matter how many hours are put into the studio, the paint is still going to retain it’s enigma and that it really is laughing at you not with you.  The clock watching is prompted by the stress of the day slipping past like an eel in butter and the contemplation on Saturday is the dilemma of a day with family or another day in the studio to prove to the paint that you are a worthy explorer.

Christie painting of the Sperling Burnaby lake station

The Overpass. 60″ x 72″

Then the phone dings and buzzes and there it is, your painting on someone else’s social media feed.  Not just any painting but “Overpass”, a 60″ x 72″ (152.4cm x 182.8cm) streetscape which easily belongs among the works that I am most proud of and one of the most successful paintings which epitomizes my aesthetic as a painter.  Suddenly the restlessness is replaced with excitement, the clock watching is the result of excitement and thoughts of Saturday are those of promise and optimism and Monday morning cannot come quick enough.

It is easy to seduce a painter:  choose one of their favourite works, install it in your space and then share it with everyone you know.  Microsoft Vancouver is working with Vancouver Art Rental and Sales to promote emerging Vancouver artists and have installed 5 works from the showroom at the Vancouver Art Gallery in their Downtown Vancouver space.  In addition to providing a space for their employees and visitors to engage with the paintings, Microsoft Vancouver is also showing their style by using their social media platforms to share the work and to give a little more insight into the lives of the artist who share the urban environment with them.

What impact does this have on the artist? I cannot speak for other painters but because Microsoft Vancouver chose one of my favourite paintings, because I know that the painting will have a life beyond me, because the work is being shared on social media, because I know that a little part of my urban environment is going to have a dash of influence from the painting and because there is a little stone that has been thrown into our urban culture, I am going to attack my work on Monday with renewed vigour.  On Monday I will master painting and on Monday I will not hide from producing honest work and on Monday all insecurity will be left at the studio door.

Thank you Microsoft Vancouver and the Art Rental and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art gallery!


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