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Leanne Christie Vancouver painter from under the Granville Street Bridge

Walking to the market, Sunday morning. Oil on canvas. 48″ x 24″

Walking to the market, Sunday morning I find it curious that inspiration and images can take hold at the simplest of times.  There are the foraging days when I am actively searching for my muse and hunting down my subjects.  I am always rewarded but true inspiration is often illusive.  Then there are the days […]

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Central Pacific. 40″ x 48″

FCA First Prize David Molloy Memorial Award – Landscapes Exhibition

“Landscapes” at the Federation of Canadian artists gallery until the 8 March 2013. The first prize tag sits proudly next to: “Central Pacific. Oil on canvas. 40″ x 44” I am thoroughly chuffed and smiling ear to ear.  This painting is one of the works that I always commit to in the first month of […]

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