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leanne christie exhibition delivery of paintings for festival du bois exhibition

Theatre of Public Life Exhibition delivery

Exhibition Delivery Day One of the most intimidating aspects of assembling a body of large paintings for exhibition is their transportation and the exhibition delivery. In the past when transporting  large works, I have packaged them individually in large double walled cardboard which was securely wrapped with packaging film. I have also built a rigid wooden skeleton [...]
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Vancouver artist leanne christie painting of 2 cyclists on Denman Street

Catching Up. Oil on canvas. 8″ x 8″ SOLD

The single white stroke on the front cyclist’s back and the little dashes which magically conjure the rear cyclist’s helmet, epitomize the reason I paint.  These strokes are the culmination of a thousand previous strokes and are so simple that it would have been easy to miss them while painting.  It is becoming increasingly clear […]

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Commission release: 1 August 2009

Just released:  “1 August 2009”. Oil on canvas. 30″ x 30″ The request?  to capture the memory, the feeling, the moment of the day the clients were married at the beautiful St Michael and all angels church in Victoria. We first met in the days before Christmas 2010 at the Granville Island public market and […]

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Charcoal Drawing: The fire escape

Charcoal drawing of East Pender street at Gore, China Town.  The funny thing about this drawing session was that the final painting ended up being of the area slightly to the right of this view.  Thanks to the crazy little dog that forced me to step a step to the side and open my eyes. […]

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Traversing. Oil on canvas. 8″ x 8″ . SOLD

-An increasingly iconographic image of Vancouver.  This is especially true of East Vancouver where the designated cycle routes becoming thriving highways of 2 wheel traffic at certain times of the day.  This is the second painting which includes a cyclist, although this one a little more casual with the posture more akin to the Keefer/Gore […]

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