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Leanne Christie painting of the cherry blossoms just off Yew Street, Kitsilano

The 4 Cherry blossom / Magnolia paintings of 2013 Released

The 4 Cherry blossom / magnolia paintings of 2013 released The 4 Cherry blossom / magnolia paintings of 2013 released and also for the first time, each original is available as a limited edition of 60.  Spring is here! only once a year, in the spring  A series of Cherry blossom / Magnolia paintings.  2013 […]

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Central Pacific. 40″ x 48″

FCA First Prize David Molloy Memorial Award – Landscapes Exhibition

“Landscapes” at the Federation of Canadian artists gallery until the 8 March 2013. The first prize tag sits proudly next to: “Central Pacific. Oil on canvas. 40″ x 44” I am thoroughly chuffed and smiling ear to ear.  This painting is one of the works that I always commit to in the first month of […]

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Eastside Culture Crawl Banner

Its a wrap – last newsletter of 2012

Wrapping up the year early It’s been stupendous! Thank you for your visits, for the stories you share, the ideas you impart and the ecouragement you lend.  Thank you for adding me to your collection and for giving me to others.  Each painting has kept the dream alive, has increased my popularity and has guaranteed […]

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Leanne Christie painting of Parked car Downtown Eastside Vancouver

Another Call. Oil on canvas. 10″ x 10″

Some sources list this as the busiest firehouse in Western Canada – Hall 2 on the Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  I was unable to verify this statistic but the periodic sounds of the departing fire trucks have become akin to the rhythmic tick of the clock which marks the passing of my day in the studio.

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