Unknown painting on easel

New painting on the easel in the studio of Leanne Christie

Unknown painting

Unknown painting on easel

Unknown painting on easel is literally an unknown painting.  We are in the place where she may or may not come to life and honestly at the moment I am loosing confidence.  There are times during the painting process when a painting takes on a life of its own and pushes into existence with an attitude of  “this is happening with or without you”.  Other times the dialogue is reversed and it is I who is saying “Come on we are going forward, come willingly or not but we are going”.  This painting is neither of these.  We are very much in the process of having a dialogue.  It is a partnership and in a way this Unknown painting on easel is as curious about the outcome as I and seems to be encouraging me to explore.  At certain points yesterday she goaded me when she could sense that I was relaxing.  “What is that it?”, “are you settling here?”,  “what nothing let in you?”,  “are you not exploring more?”.

It is the high contrast that I am playing with.  The view of Vancouver was chosen as it is one of my first impressions of the city on that jet lagged morning 5 years ago when we were foraging at 5am for breakfast.  The high contrast that need to be pushed in this painting but which want to keep settling into subtle changes of tone.  There are areas in the city which are wonderfully white and bright but each time I try to push them further down the road of just white, they fade into dullness.

And so the day begins again and Unknown painting on easel is still there on the easel, waiting for me patiently with a little whisper of encouragement: “come on Leanne, I am only a painting, don’t stop exploring – we have nowhere that we need to be”

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