Urban streetscape, the catalyst of culture

‘painting for people unafraid of the journey, the playful and the defiant whose heart roars and who stand in the storm believing that they can make it pass’

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Leanne Christie artist in her studioThe distinctive oil painter, Leanne Christie, moved to the Canadian West Coast at the end of 2008 after over a decade in Europe and a childhood in South Africa.

Educated at the influential Rhodes University art school in South Africa, Christie was instilled with the love of the painting process itself. Her exposure to the Grahamstown group through the critical analysis of Professor Robert Brooks and Noel Hodnett, laid the foundation of her present practice. Christie’s work reveals an intuitive understanding of the painting language, the careful placement of brush strokes which seductively lead the viewer at a pace determined by the artist and the removal of colour as a fundamental element. Christie experiments with a hierarchy which places supremacy on brushstroke, then color and finally composition without retreating into abstraction.

Christie’s paintings have become easily identifiable by their powerful use of white, the myriad of greys, the vigorous brushwork which dances on the edge of abstraction and their exploration of the urban streetscape as the catalyst of culture. Christie’s daily 24km bicycle commute from her home in Coquitlam to her Downtown Eastside studio gives her an intimate kinship with the flow of the urban street.

Christie’s influence amongst her contemporaries continues to strengthen in tandem with the number of people who count themselves amongst her collectors.

Urban oil painter leanne christie studio on Main street Vancouver