An Afternoon of Fine painting

An Afternoon Reception hosted by Maryann at the Pousette Gallery

Christie original painting of placemaking Main street Vancouver

Future Flux. 30″ x 48″

Friday afternoon’s roll by slowly, the week days are long and when you are at home, you are probably putting in a few extra hours. Your phone and your computer never sleep.  So this Friday, be a little naughty, pop your jacket on the back of your chair, slip out a little early and make your way to the Pousette gallery on the fourth floor @ 1529 West 6th ave.

Play Hooky from work

Maryann is hosting an afternoon reception from 1-5 pm in advance of Saturday’s annual South Granville Artwalk. Leanne Christie will be slipping her nasty painting jumper on the back of her chair and hoping that her omniscient boss doesn’t notice as she slips out of the studio and sneaks over to the Pousette Gallery.  Christie will be on hand between 1 and 5 pm to enjoy the day with you along with the Quebec portrait painter, Danny Ferland who is in Vancouver for the occasion.

Christie is also doing an artist’s talk on technique on Saturday morning, 18 June 2016 at 11 am at the Pousette Gallery.

Pousette Directions:
1529 West 6th ave, Vancouver – between Granville and Hemlock street.

From 6th ave go into the courtyard via the corridor between the Farmer’s Apprentice and the Kimoto Gallery. Turn left and use the elevators to go to the 4th floor where you will turn left upon exiting.  The Pousette Gallery is in front of you on either side of the patio, use the West door to enter.


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