Eastside Culture Crawl 2016

Eastside Culture Crawl 2016

233 Main street. Vancouver. 17-20 November 2016

What’s New…?

“Death Mask” – Two of the large oil paintings about how it feels to be a human living alongside and interacting with the condemned Vancouver Viaducts, will be in my studio during the 20th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl.

These paintings are honest and raw as they have no other purpose than to explore how they, as paintings, are uniquely suited to express our reflections on the Viaducts.  The 3 paintings: Complexity, The Plaza and 49°16’36.7″N 123°05’50.7″W  have been conceived to sit within the research arm of my studio practice with the result that they each go a little further as paintings as it is the process of them which is important not the final piece.  They are also currently only available to view in the studio.

49°16’36.7″N 123°05’50.7″W  finally introduced the idea of redaction into painting.  I have being toying with redaction for 3 years and finally found a painting where it’s use is far beyond the gimmick.

Leanne Christie painting of the Georgia street Viaducts
Complexity. 84" x 60" The first painting in the Death Mask body of works. SOLD
Vancouver Viaduct skate plaza original oil painting
The Plaza. 60" x 60" "Rositch Collection"
Vancouver Viaduct Death Mask Painting 3
49°16'36.7"N 123°05'50.7"W 60" x 60"

3rd Death Mask painting video

New Paintings

Granville Street Oil painting Christie
Granville Street at the Start of October. 30" x 48" $4000
Christie painting Vancouver ports
Under the Summer Blossoms. 30" x 40" SOLD

New Intimate Oil Paintings

Reserved paintings are set aside for a short period of time and after this, the next person on the wait list has the option of collecting the painting.

In case you missed them, below are the previous 2 videos for the Death Mask body of works

The video for "Complexity" - the first Vancouver Viaduct painting

'The Plaza' The second Vancouver Viaducts painting

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