artistic statement

full time oil painter

As a full time artist since 2008 my waking hours are dedicated to understanding paint and prioritizing the process of painting as opposed to preferring the final product. The result of this emphasis is that each canvas which leaves my studio is a strong artwork that can stand independently of the imagery which it reflects.

The urban environment is what intrigues me the most and this regularly finds expression within my work. My fascination lies with the contrast of the built and natural environment as well as the story that each street or corner holds as a reflection of the narrative of our created culture that is embodied in the cities we are building together.

My paintings have become easily recognizable through their distinctive use of white and their expressive brush work which sits on the cusp of abstract but remains true to the representation of the subject.

Future works

Future works will continue to reveal my intrigue with the confluence of the urban and the natural while I seek to further develop my understanding of white and expressive, communicative brushstrokes.