just a thing: should you always honor your quote?

When to honor your quote? Do you provide what you say you will provide especially when it is in writing?

Sunday morning, Granville Island.  My first meeting with my new Mandarin speaking clients has gone well and I am confident that we have clarified their needs and expectations.  I  sit down to write my first contact mail.  The one that confirms our discussion, makes sure that I am not sent to their spam folder and which confirms the values of the pieces.  A thought strikes me.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could mail them in their own language and offer for them to mail me in mandarin? This would make communication a little easier for them surely. My fingers race across the keyboard as I draft the mail, re-read, correct the language, check the details and meticulously list the values of the pieces before HST and after HST.  My other tab is burning up as I search the net looking for acceptable methods of translation.  I remember my obsession with google and think:  Surely google will know and they do.  Off I surf to google translator and enter the following text:

30″ x 40″ landscape painting : $ 1900 (2128 including HST).  Thrilled with the following output:

30“X40”山水畫:1900年美元(2128,包括哈勃空間望遠鏡). I hit send on my now mandarin mail and wonder at whether it is possible to rule the world.  My new toy is shiny and I want to play so I copy and paste my new mandarin into the translator and watch with wonder as it returns to english.  I slowly read through the text when the question arises “when do you honor your quote”.  My now English text?  30 “X40” landscape: in 1900 dollars (2128, including the HubbleSpace Telescope).

Does anyone have NASA’s number?


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