just a thing: The fortune cookie

7.35am – a little late but still ok.  I don my helmet and gloves in the elevator while balancing my bike away from the other resident.  Upon exiting the building, I begin focusing on the flow of the 4 lanes of traffic that separate me from the opposite sidewalk.  I notice the fortune cookie in front of my toe and wonder about the protocol:  engage or ignore.  My decision to ignore raises that crazy lady voice, the one which tells me that I did not switch off the stove nor the iron nor the charger, she whispers that this is the path towards sure bad luck.  I think of my day ahead and decide its best not to dance with fate.  With no time to spare the cookie goes in the pocket.  Unopened.

8am – all is going well, speed is constant but so is the paranoia.  The rubbing and grinding sounds that seem to be moving through my bike are not normal and I am hesitant to stop but I am steadily becoming obsessed by thoughts of iminant disaster.  It is now that I feel the discomfort in the bike and recognise the elongated shape of the front tire. Time to pull aside.  No repair to be done, somehow it is the valve – snapped – in 2.  The rush in my head is roaring and the road still feels as though it were rushing by.  I feel the panic when I glance at the time and then, I  breath.  Everything slows down, the loud static is replaced by the movement of air through the rain and the swishing of the bike wheels on the wet surface.

8.20am – the tube is replaced and inflated and everything looks good as I mount prepare for the last stretch.  My garish but beautiful new yellow jacket is black with grime which matches my hands and I am sure my face.  It looks like I’ll be late.

8.40am – arrive at Granville, grab my shower kit and fresh clothes and jog to the Net loft shower to warm up.  My yellow jacket accompanies me as I hope that I can shower her at the same time as I.

8.55am – finished scrubbing, the jacket looks good and I am warm.  I recall the first chapter and dig into my pocket for my fortune.  It’s a little crushedand I can read the slim slip of paper through the plastic.  This is just as well as I am still standing under the water.  I feel the anticipation rising, knowing that after such an eventful cycle that it is sure to be good.  I cannot wait for my day to be revealed.  This must be the magical cookie, the one with a meaning just for me. Destiny has arrived.

crinkle crinkle crinkle

“You will soon be involved in many gatherings and parties”



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