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microsoft vancouver features local artists

Microsoft Vancouver masters the art of seducing a painter

Microsoft Vancouver masters the art of seducing a painter The painter’s Friday afternoon bears many similarities with those of every other urban citizen.  There’s that little bit of restlessness, a touch of clock watching and a contemplation on Saturday. The only distinction is that the painter’s restlessness is egged on by that constant gnaw that no […]

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Vancouver painter Leanne Christie oil painting of Burnaby Mountain from a high rise

New paintings at the Art Rental and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery

It took a little while but there are finally new paintings in the Art Rental and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery.  3 New paintings. The 3 new artworks are: “Across Port Moody”, “The Solitude of Morning” and “East from a Highrise” If you click on the first painting: “Across Port Moody”, you will […]

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Life at the end of Main street. 7' x 5.5'

The ménage à trois of a painting

One of the great joys of painting is watching your works make their way into the world to start their own stories in places and amongst people who only live in your imagination. In my second year at University, I experienced the strangeness of parting for the first time but in a less than voluntary manner.  For […]

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Leanne Christie at the Eastside Culture crawl

Racing Monsters and Coyotes (looking back at 2013)

Racing Monsters and Coyotes After a day in the studio Hoping onto Oscar after a day in the studio, usually snaps me out of the fog of abstract thinking within 3 minutes. The blood starts pumping, the air moves and the very real struggle to stay alive commences. The thing is, Oscar and I only […]

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Painting by Vancouver Artist, Leanne Christie of Jack Chow's Insurance on East Pender st, China Town, Vancouver, BC

Jack Chow’s insurance. Oil on canvas. 30″ x 40″

Sam Kee building which now houses Jack Chow’s insurance, one of the first monochromatic paintings. Ripley’s and the Guiness Book of World records has declared this the world’s narrowest building.  The view from the corner of Carrall and Pender street in Vancouver’s China Town is one of the most iconographic.  The Sun building, the gates […]

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